We do understand that in certain markets it is hard to get things done without using special business methods. We know that this happens, but we do not agree with it. If your practices involve corruption, please, find another consulting firm.

The main consultant of TRCALA CONSULTING, Pavel Trcala, has studied at academic institutions where fair play and business ethics were taken seriously and he has developed a keen sense to detect potential corruption situations.

If your project cannot take off without a handout to a public official or a backhander from a chosen supplier, we do not want to work on your project. Period.

Code of Conduct

We do not support any form of bribery, whether direct or indirect.

When we deal with public or government officials, we will present and market your project based on its quality. The decision makers cannot expect any gifts from us, other than cultural exchange gifts of symbolic value.

We do not facilitate contributions to political parties. We do not use charitable contributions or sports team sponsorships as a tool to circumvent plain bribery.

Morals before Money

We do not have these rules only to comply with some laws or regulations. We have these rules, because it is common sense. Every small child in a sandbox knows that stealing a toy or destroying a sand castle of his pal is simply wrong. Would money make us do things that are wrong? That would be pitiful. The most valuable thing we have is our moral reputation. Not only before others, but most importantly before ourselves.

Some investors believe that "When in Rome, do as Romans do" and they do not shy away from bribing and otherwise playing unfair when doing business in the emerging markets. They say that by not doing it they would not get the business. Oh well, if this is also your case, go ahead and carry out your project without us. If you share our believe that one can work ethically and still be successful, let us talk business.

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