Examples of Project Work
Pavel   Madagascar: Biofuel Investments

Pavel has assisted JATRO AG, a German biofuel company investing in jatropha plantations, with their expansion in Madagascar. The work consisted of both official and practical tasks. Firstly, Pavel has assisted the international team in the negotiation process with the Malagasy government. Secondly, Pavel was called to manage a local geological team designated to explore the vast expansions of land available for sustainable growth of jatropha curcas.

  Gabon: Hospital Construction

Aided by his health sector experience with the World Bank, Pavel provided local assistance to a consortium of Czech companies lead by PURO-KLIMA in their bid for a hospital construction project in Gabon. This African country located on the Equator is one of the richest on the continent thanks to its high oil reserves and low population. Pavel assisted the team in government negotiation, project communication, and corporate investigation.

  Uruguay: Beef Imports

During a recent project in South America, Pavel helped a starting Czech company SELAVITA connect with suitable partners for beef imports. The company has found a market niche in the importation of high quality beef products from South America. Pavel has assisted the team in supplier selection, price negotiation, and logistical organization. SELAVITA is now the biggest direct importer of beef meat in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  Macedonia: Factory Privatization

TRCALA CONSULTING played an integral role in the bidding process by a Czech company REAL TRADE to purchase a factory from the state of Macedonia. Pavel has visited Macedonia on several occasions to prepare an audit report and represent the company in the privatization proceedings. Accompanied by engineering experts, Pavel evaluated the infrastructure, machinery, know-how, client base, and work force of the factory.

  Switzerland: Financing Presentation

The leading Czech travel and transportation company, STUDENT AGENCY, requested the assistance of TRCALA CONSULTING for their preparation of their upcoming national train network. Pavel has also traveled to Zurich on various occasions to represent the company and its business plan to the train manufacturer and potential financing partner, the Swiss Export Risk Insurance.

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